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What is Point Of Sale?

A point of sale refers to the time and place where a restaurant or retail transaction is completed. This transaction can be facilitated using a standalone credit card machine, a cash register or a more advanced computer system usually referred to as a POS system. Various peripherals such as scales, scanners, or barcode readers can be used to make this process faster. Whether you’re a small hometown bar or a 10 lane grocery store, a point of sale system can help you organize your inventory and streamline your business. With endless features and reports that can be customized for your needs, there is a system out there for every business and Phusion365 has the solution for you.

More than just a POS reseller, Phusion365’s staff helps you every step of the way by

Helping you choose the right product for you
  • Building the menu and setting up the entire system
  • Installing the equipment
  • Staying on as long as needed to properly train you and your staff

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You have a lot on your plate, but with SpotOn, you’re no longer on your own. Work with our team or use our browser-based web portal to set up front-of-house policies, monitor operations and staffing assignments, and access customer analytics—all with a local, dedicated representative and 24/7 personalized support. We are here for you, no matter what.

Tonic POS

Tonic POS is the latest point of sale for bars, restaurants, nightclubs, fine dining, and more.
Using only the most advanced technology, Tonic provides you with the ongoing, reliable service needed for your business to flourish. The user-friendly and simple-to-learn system uses a remote back of the house, and a cloud-based front of the house so that you never need to worry in the event of your store going offline.

As a restaurant owner or a manager, do you find yourself needing a better way to manage your operation? Tonic has you covered. We offer a large list of benefits, including free 24/7, 365 support, extensive reporting, remote access, offline processing, and flexible pricing.


A fast, reliable, and affordable retail point of sale system for any sized business

You need a secure POS system that adapts to your business. Exatouch® Point of Sale has you covered. Whether you run a restaurant, retail store, or service business, Exatouch is designed to streamline operations, improve the customer experience, grow your profits—and simplify your life.

Clover POS

Clover POS is a versatile platform with solutions designed specifically for retailers, restaurants, professionals and businesses. Whether you run a small retail shop or a bustling restaurant, Clover offers different hardware options and a wide range of apps to meet your specific needs.

Its hardware devices accept popular payment methods such as cash, checks, credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, gift cards and EBT cards.

Call us today to get the best deal around (online or elsewhere) on a new point of sale with the following features

  • No Money Down
  • Starting as $49 per month
  • Pay/Order at the table handhelds available
  • Full-service contract from Phusion365
  • Website build for you (some examples: earlvillepub.com, caverockisland.com, rudystacosmilan.com)
  • Online Ordering Included
  • Full reporting through a website or an app on your phone.
  • Gift Cards
  • Loyality Program
  • Cell Backup in case the internet goes down
  • Damage to all equipment covered

Pay and order at the table handheld devices available as well. Call today to set up a demo.

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Technology made easy. Discover how simple our POS solutions are to set up, use and maintain.


Whether you are a single store operator or multi-unit chain, our POS software will grow with your business as it expands.


Control your POS environment with a secure and dependable solution designed to keep your business running without interruptions.


Designed to meet the needs of virtually any retail or hospitality environment. Discover how our POS software can meet your unique business needs.

Phone Integration

Phusion365 (not fusion365) can provide a complete solutions package, integrating your phones into your POS. Imagine taking a call at your restaurant, and the caller id info pops up on the POS terminal, telling you who’s calling and letting you view their order history. This can be valuable to expedite the order-taking process. Missed the call? A Phusion365 phone system can text you a link to your online ordering, saving a sale that may have potentially been lost.
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