How Do I Enter Starting Cash?
Log in and go to show commands. Then click “Close Outs”. Click “Enter Starting Cash” and enter the amount. Click apply and on the left it should show the starting cash amount.
How Do I Turn On/Off Online Ordering?
In the front of house, go to Show Commands, then OLO Pacing. You can turn it off permanently or turn it off for a specific amount of time.
How Do I Change the Online Ordering Lead Time?
In the front of house, go to Show Commands, the OLO lead times. From here you can change the lead time.
How Do I Refund a Credit Card After the Day of Transaction?
You need the receipt for all transaction to process the refund. You can get the receipt from the report site. Send over the receipts to SpotOn and they can get the refund process started.
How Do I Reprint a Credit Card Slip?

Reopen the ticket, go to the payment screen. Click on the payment line and hit reprint.

How Do I Restore the POS to Fullscreen?

Go to Show Commands, then click Toggle Fullscreen. To get rid of the browser links at the top and make it a true full screen, simply tap at the top left of the screen to toggle the on screen keyboard. Hold it and swipe right to extend out the on screen keyboard. Click anywhere on the terminal other than the keyboard. Then, on the keyboard push the “FN” button at the lower right, then push the “F11” key. You may now close the keyboard

How Do I Access the Back of House?
Press Ctrl + T. This will open a new browser window. At the top of the screen, you’ll see a button for “SpotOn Back Office”. From here you can login and make changes. To return to the POS (front of house), press Ctrl + Tab.
Why is the Cash Drawer Not Opening?
The printer is out of paper. The cash drawer connects to the printer, and as a way to tell you the paper is out is to disable the cash drawer.
How Do I Submit a Referral?
If you have a business who you want to refer to SpotOn, and they purchase a system from them, you will receive $1000, deposited into your account once they start processing with the system. But you will first need to submit a referral form. You do this by logging into the Hotspot, at hotspot.spoton.com. You should already have login credentials. Once, in the portal, on the top right, your initials will be in a circle icon. Click it, and choose “Refer A Business” from the dropdown list. From there, enter the business’ information and click submit.
How Do I Run End of Day Reports?
The end of day report shows the day’s financials. These are also referred to as “X” and “Z” reports of older systems and cash registers. You don’t actually have to (and it’s not recommended) to do the end day yourself. The system will perform the function for you at 5 AM. But you can still get the report at closing time if you wish.
To Get the End of Day Report for the Same Day
  1. Press Show Commands
  2. Press End Day.
  3. The report will show, and at the top left you’ll see a button that says “Report”. Press it.
  4. Press print at the bottom right of the screen.
To Get a Report for the Current Day So Far
The above procedure can be done at any time of day to get your financials up to that point for the day (a “X” report)
To get an End Day Report for a Previous Day
  1. Press Show commands.
  2. Press End Day History.
  3. Starting with the most recent, there will be a list of all the End Day reports run. Select any day and then press Report at the top left of the screen.
  4. Press print at the bottom right of the screen.
What Do I Do If the Internet Goes Out and The POS isn’t Working?

The Meraki router (see Figure 1.) is your cell enabled internet backup. In most cases, if your regular internet (referred to in this doc as your ISP) goes down it will switch to the backup. In most cases.

Figure 1 – Front of Meraki
Sometimes the internet isn’t working but the failover doesn’t happen. This is most likely attributed to your ISP slowing to an unusable trickle. The Meraki may not engage the failover if this is the case. Basically, the Meraki sees some sort of internet connection, albeit slow, and assumes all is well and your ISP is functioning properly. In these cases, it may be required to physically unplug your connection to the Meraki to get your POS running again. This can be done in 1 of 2 ways.

  1. Unplug the Router/ISP feed from the Meraki Internet port. (See Figure 2.)

    Figure 2 – Back of Meraki
  2. Alternatively, you can unplug the power to your ISP router. This should be the device your ISP supplied you with to carry internet service into your building.

Performing one of these two options should get your POS working again. They may pop up with a message about refreshing the terminals. This happens because it switched from one internet to another. Just click yes and let it refresh.

Port 4 on the Meraki is not set up to operate on the same network. Do not plug anything into port 4.

How Do I Log Back Into the POS?
Sometimes for whatever reason the system will kick you out and you’ll be at a login screen asking for a login and password. This will be different than the standard login with the number pad on the screen. It will look like this:

In the event this happens, login with the following email and password.


Select Organization. Be patient, it may seem like nothing is happening, but it will eventually go to this screen, with your restaurant name:

Select Location. Select your restaurant and click next. On the next screen, choose the location (there should generally be only one) and click next.

Select Station. Next it will ask what station you’re logging into. If there is a green icon to the right of the station, you can’t select it. You can only select available stations. The unavailable stations are already in use. If there is more than one available station, check the label on the front of the machine you’re on and select that station in the station setup and click next.

Configure Station. The default settings on this screen should be correct. Click done.

The screen will go black and after a few minutes it should come to the SpotOn login screen. From there everyone can log with their user codes.

How Do I Use Gift Cards?

Selling/Activating a new Gift Card
Go to Show Commands, Gift Card. It will prompt you to swipe the card. Swipe it on the credit card

You will be prompted to activate the gift card. Select “Activate”.

Using the keypad, enter the amount you’d like to add to the card, and select “Accept”.

A new order will be created for the card if one is not already open. If an order is open, the new card will be added to the order:

To activate the card, the order must be paid (or the card can be comped if the behavior is allowed for the job position).

To Check Balance, Reload, or Take Payment with Gift Card

Go to Show Commands -> Gift Card.
When prompted, swipe the gift card on the EMV reader You’ll be shown the balance, with the option to take payment with the card, or reload its balance.

To take a payment, click Payment. You will be taken to the payment screen. From here you will still have to select “Gift Card’ as the payment type.

RELOAD is the same process as loading a new card. Enter the amount you’d like to add to the card, and close the order by taking payment or comping the card (if allowed). The amount will be applied to the card’s balance.

How To Use House Accounts

How to Set up a House Account

  1. Go to the payment screen.
  2. Press the “House and Loyalty Button”
  3. Press the “New Customer” button.
  4. Enter first and last name, email and phone number. (These are required fields, but you can just put any info in just to get past it.
  5. Press “Apply”.

How To Pay With A House Account

  1. After the customer is done, open the ticket and press the House and Loyalty button (see pic above).
  2. At the keyboard, press “1”, and hit “Enter”. This will bring up all the customers.
  3. Select the customer and the select “Use Account for payment”.
  4. This will take you to the payment screen and automatically select “House Accounts” as the payment type, so all you have to do is click “Apply”
How Do I Reboot the POS Terminal?
The power button is on the bottom of the POS terminal. Its NOT the green button, but below in on the bottom (see the picture below). If you feel along the bottom right of the terminal, you’ll feel it. Press the button and the machine will power down. Once the green light turns off, you can press the power button again to turn the system back on.
How Do I Reboot the Credit Card Machine?
  1. Trace the cord from the back of your machine and unplug this cable from the box

How Do I View My Statements?
Login to dashboard.spoton.com. At the top right there is a circle with your initials in it. Click on that circle and from the dropdown list select “Statements”. From there select what month you want to view and click download.
Back of House

How To Add Menu Item

  1. Click “Menu Items
  2. (If there is already a similar item on the menu, skip to step 4). In the next screen click the “+” Sign
  3. On the right side enter all the information about the menu item
  4. If there is already a similar item on the menu, highlight that item and you can click the copy button instead. This will keep all the settings needed for proper operation. All that is left is to change the name and price of the new item.

How To Changing Prices
This is also the place where you can edit then changes to prices of old items. Click the menu item you want to edit and find the “Pricing” option

How to Add User and Change Login Code

  1. Click the “User” Icon on the main menu
  2. Click the “+” Button and enter the information to the write
  3. At the Bottom of the Screen, Click “Edit Assignments”
  4. Click on the employees name and “Add Location”
  5. Click the location and choose the job position
  6. Click the check mark on your location and edit the login code

How Do I Log My Cash Deposit?

  1. Go to Google Chrome and click “Reports” in either your bookmarks tab or in the back of house.
  2. Mouse over the left side of the screen to bring out your reports, then click on sales and select “Daily Sales Recap”. SpotOn is upgrading this website, so you might sometimes get the older version. If so, simply click on “Reports” in the top left to access the same menu.
  3. Scroll down to “Net Cash Sales” and click on “Click here to add/edit Cash Deposit”. Select “New Deposit then enter the amount and hit “Save”

How Do I Set Up Alerts and Subscriptions?

  1. Go to the top right of the reports page and click on the initials next to the name.
  2. From here you can choose Alerts or subscriptions. Alerts are triggers that email you when a set value of something happens, Subscriptions are reports that are emailed to you every day like the Daily Sales Report.
  3. Click on “New”
  4. From here follow the prompts to set the Alert/Subscription up how you like it, when finished hit “Save”

How Do I Edit Timeclock Entries?

  1. Select “Labor” and then “Payroll Detail” in the “Reports” section. There are a few different reports here that do a lot of overlapping things, be sure to explore and find which one will work best for you
  2. If you click on the date, it will allow you to see original and modified times, along with if you want to add a break or not. From here, just change the time to what you need, work from the bottom up