Phusion365 is a point of sale and credit card processing company. We build custom solutions for your business needs. We also offer business telephone systems with state of the art features that help you thrive in the 21st century.

Who We Are

Phusion 365’s main objective is to disrupt traditional telephone and computer standards and bring the modern world, with all its benefits to our customers. Were not just phone guys or computer guys. We invest in our customers and give personalized service, allowing you integrate into new technologies that help your business compete and succeed in the 21st century.

Here at Phusion365 we understand that you have a business to run and if new technology is difficult to understand or use then it’s not benefiting you and it’s of no use to you. Our ultimate goal is to bring you into the modern world at your pace, in your comfort zone, so you embrace the technology instead of rejecting it out of frustration. Let us work with you to make these new technologies an effortless part of your business’s life.

We offer free network assessments and can offer solutions that can save you money and frustration.

Our Purpose is Your Progress

Clients from across the country have trusted our risk-free telecom audit to find errors and overcharges in their telecom billing. A telecom expense consultant will comb through your telecom bills, contracts, usage reports, and customer service records to find errors, overcharges, and inefficiencies that can be corrected to save you money.

With the help of Phusion365 telecom expense management experts you can be protected from the telecom providers overcharging and adding charges to your bottom line.

Phone and Network Audit

What We Do?

Phusion365 will provide a free phone and network audit, at your premise. We can give you ideas where you can save money, such as converting to voice over internet protocol (VoIP) phones, recommending adjustments to your internet package, and general upgrades of your cabling and infrastructure.

Call today to schedule your free site audit and to see a demo of the products Phusion365 can offer you.

How we are working?

Phusion365 will provide you with a state of the art phone system which will allow to you cut your monthly phone bill by 40-50%, while receiving full support from your Phusion365 representative. You will have all the benefits of a big business phone system at a small business price. Features include:

  • Unified Communications, including apps for your computer and smartphone to all you to connect to the office anywhere in the world you have a cellular or wifi connection
  • Built in web meeting – schedule video conferences with your clients with no additional software for them to install, just send them the link and you’ll be conferenced together.
  • Digital receptionist
  • Voicemail emailed to your email
  • Call Reports – find out how many calls are going unanswered, average length of calls, and many other options to help you streamline your response time to your clients.
  • Disaster Recovery – If internet or power were to go out, calls would be routed to any alternative number or numbers you’d like